DataLynx Online

Datalynx Online

For Automotive Service Companies

Your Pain Points

Challenges Our Clients Overcame

DataLynx Online is your solution if some, or all, of these challenges, apply to you.


Using Excel to customize your company information into an aggregated, easier format?


Tirelessly having trouble getting your hands around your entire organization?


Summarizing your company data for decision-makers takes hours or even days.

Staff Costs

Have extra staff just for crunching performance numbers? Or having trouble right-sizing store staff on a day-to-day basis?

Customer Satisfaction

Not sure if your stores are maintaining your high standards of customer satisfaction?


Growing quicker than your team can manage? Or planning growth through acquisitions?


Pulling data from multiple business systems to get a complete picture of your company?

Future Outlook

Tracking goals manually? Too reactive to ever-changing conditions? Lacking reliable predictive intelligence to be more proactive?

Market Conditions

In a tight market and need to work smarter not harder to gain a competitive edge?


Intelligence Made Easy

Summarized Intelligence Delivered to You

Empower Your Managers



Timely Alerts

AI-enabled Feedback

Our Solution

Helps You Simplify and Grow

DataLynx Online is a fully hosted solution that simplifies your multi-store automotive service enterprise and provides you with competitive advantages at a low price. Join the hundreds of automotive service companies that have adopted DataLynx Online to help them simplify and grow.

How it works

Connect your Entire Organization for Greater Insights

DataLynx Online drives intelligent insights from the collection of all your company data and makes it easy for every business user without the need for expensive technical resources, additional hardware, or more software.


Automatic transmissions of detailed point-of-sale data daily including invoices, parts, customer data, vehicle details, timeclock entries, and more.

Employee Compensation

Automatic calculation of gross pay daily for mechanics, salespersons, store and area managers, and other staff. Built-in compensation templates including salary, commission, clock vs. commission, % of net profit, hourly, and more.


Track performance goals for stores, regions, employees, products and services, Net Promoter Score, and much more.

Online reputation

Integrate your company’s online reputation scores with connectivity to SureCritic and Google Reviews. Blend score results with operations, goals, employee performance, and more to gain greater insights into your organization and steer your company’s destiny.

Marketing Performance

Integrate your marketing campaigns to track responses, true ROI, and customer sentiment to gain greater insights into campaign performance and receive recommendations with AI-enabled feedback.

Customer Reviews

Automated feeds to your SureCritic account to execute daily requests to customers for their satisfaction level and feedback on their experience.


In addition to POS timeclock entries, DataLynx Online also integrates with external timeclock systems.


DataLynx Online’s framework is designed to integrate just about any data source through its API layer. Our team is always on the lookout for additional data sources for our dashboards and AI/ML competency to develop even greater insights that benefit our clients and their industries.

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Some Quick Stats


DataLynx Online has simplified the operations of many multi-store franchise groups that perform frequent mergers and acquisitions, including cross-brand franchises. DataLynx Online allowed a franchise group to reduce their back-office staff by 50%, delivering $250,000 in annual savings while delivering higher transparency and simplicity across the organization.


DataLynx Online gives our customers the ability to make informed, fact-based decisions about their businesses in near-real time via 200,000+ reports and dashboards automatically delivered to business leaders every year.