Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

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Helping Clients Simplify and Grow

For business leaders who need business intelligence solutions, Corporate InfoManagement (Corpim) drives insights from your existing data and makes it easy for every business user, minimizing the need for expensive technical resources. Corpim revolutionizes how intelligence is organized and delivered leveraging our experienced Architecture leadership, modern DataTech services/platforms, and industry-specific SaaS software products to large, medium, and startup companies in the U.S. and UK.

As a leader in business intelligence and AI solutions, Corpim exists to make it easy to run your business.

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Our Recent Accomplishments

Corpim delivers over 200,000 reports and dashboards annually to decision-makers at our client companies via our DataLynx Online platform.

Corpim leads the modernization to a right-fit, modern data platform for a leading big data analytics healthcare company, simplifying the client’s business landscape with exponentially higher performance, lowering TCO per customer, unifying security and compliance, and reducing the learning curve to allow client’s staff to expand at a lower cost per employee.

Corpim converted the marketing budget and reporting function of a Fortune 500 global CPG company from a custom system to an out-of-box, cloud SaaS solution reducing the TCO by over $300K per year and greatly simplifying the ecosystem and business adoption.

Corpim assisted a Fortune 100 financial services company to integrate the system assets and business processes from an equally large competitor they acquired, on time and within budget, to more than double the size of our client’s company.

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